Good night from Madison


With the 37th annual meeting of the National Weather Association now complete, we must now say goodbye to Madison, but not the lessons learned and relationships developed here.  In the coming weeks, NWA members will have access to audio recordings of most presentations.  Many of the presentation files are already available, and more will become available in the coming days.

Pulling off a meeting of this magnitude is no small feat and there are a lot of people to thank.  While it is nearly impossible to highlight the contributions of all, I would like to highlight a few special volunteers.  First and foremost, Lee Cronce and Gary Wade did an amazing job as program co-chairs, helping to build this program for over two years.  Jeff Craven organized a thought-provoking town hall meeting where attendees listened to the weather information needs of our decision-making users.  Christina Crowe provided and executed a sound vision for our organization’s first ever women’s luncheon.  And Kevin Lavin and Brad Herold worked extensively collecting presentations at the speaker check-in table.  In addition, approximately a dozen student and industry volunteers helped run the Audio/Visual equipment to provide a quality meeting experience.

We hope that you can join us for the 38th annual meeting in Charleston, South Carolina.  Know that the NWA will be working in the interim to assure all members have the opportunity to attend and contribute.

Farewell from Wisconsin,

Jordan Gerth
Program Chair

A note from the program chair


The 37th annual meeting of the National Weather Association is underway and, through the steadfast support of many volunteers, has overcome the adversity that has resulted from the significantly decreased presence of the National Weather Service.

I would like to take this time to thank the meeting attendees for their patience as many of the originally scheduled talks from NWS employees have been presented remotely.  Those remote presenters have also demonstrated exceptional flexibility and commitment for adapting to the situation at hand.  The program committee would like to continue to encourage those original presenters who cannot attend in person to contact their session chairs and present remotely.

A reminder to those remote presenters to complete the speaker authorization form and submit it to the NWA following the directions on the form.

The presentations from the meeting are making their way online at the meeting page, and recorded versions will be available to NWA members in the near future, pending authorizations.  Hopefully this will bring more exposure to the discussions we have been having in Madison.

Make no mistake — there is no substitute for the physical presence of all members of the weather enterprise, and hopefully the situation in Madison will not recur at NWA meetings in the future.  Despite advances in technology, face-to-face interaction is still a necessity for developing professional relationships and building connections across our communities.


Jordan Gerth
Program Chair

Upload extended abstracts

While the meeting is now complete, presenters still have an opportunity to share their work!  Extended abstracts are a great way to provide additional exposure for any presentation—oral or poster.

If you plan to submit an extended abstract, please do so no later than Sunday, 9 December 2012.  New extended abstracts will be posted online in the weeks following the deadline.

Thank you for considering the submission of an extended abstract.

Remote presenters: Remember to submit form

All remote presenters are advised to submit a speaker release authorization form so that a recording of the presentation can be posted online at a later date.  This will increase the visibility of your presentation to all members of the National Weather Association.  Please follow the instructions on the form.  If you do not wish to sign the form, please send a note indicating such to the contact information on the form.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Best Student Presentations at NWA 2012

At each annual meeting, students (undergraduate and graduate) make known their wishes to be in competition for these awards when they submit their abstracts. Members of the WAF Committee review each presentation and recommend their choices of the best to the NWA President for approval. The President awards the students with a congratulatory letter, a cash stipend, and a complimentary NWA membership for the following year.

Sam Ng, chair of the NWA WAF Committee announced the winners of the best student presentations for the 2012 NWA Annual Meeting in Madison, WI.

Best Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations:

  • 1st Place: William A. LaForce, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI. Subject: Comparison of Two Forecasts for Tornadoes Associated with Cold-Core 500-mb Lows: Surprise and Bust – with Dr. Martin A. Baxter
  • 2nd Place: Brian Crow, University of Missouri at Columbia, Columbia, MO. Subject: Forecast Assessment of Two Challenging Lake-Effect Snow Events in the Eastern Great Lakes Region – with Neil Laird and David Zaff
  • 3rd Place: Jonathan Labriola, RSMAS University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. Subject: Prediction of Tropical Cyclogenesis using Operational, Statistical, and Dynamical Models – with Sharanya J. Majumdar

Best Graduate Student Poster Presentations:

  • 1st Place: William Line, CIMSS/SSEC/University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. Subject: Future Improvements to Very-short-range Forecasts of the Pre-convective Environment Using Operational Geostationary Satellite Observations – with Ralph Petersen, Robert Aune and Richard Dworak
  • 2nd Place: Agnes Lim, CIMSS/SSEC/University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. Subject: Assimilation of AIRS Radiances using GSI/WRF for Short Term Regional Forecasts – with Jim Jung, Allen Huang and Steve Ackerman
  • 3rd Place: Jason Apke, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Lincoln, NE. Subject: Evaluation of the GOES-R Proving Ground Convective Initiation Nowcasting Products in the Plains – with Mark R. Anderson, Dan Nietfeld, Casey Griffin and Adam Taylor

Best Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation:

  • Dawn P. Wedig, University of North Carolina – Asheville, Asheville, NC. Subject: An Evaluation of Convective Warning Utilization by the General Public – with Christopher M. Godfrey, P. Wolf, M. K. Goldsbury and J. A. Caudill

Important Information for Oral Presenters

All oral presenters are advised to notify the speaker check-in table that they will present in person, at least 24 hours prior to their talk time, even if their presentation is not complete.  If this is not possible, please touch base with your session chair as soon as possible.  This is particularly important for NOAA employees.

This will assist the program committee in locating openings in the agenda.

We understand and sympathize with presenters who are unable to attend in person for circumstances not within their control.